Bhogawati Mahavidyalaya Library Digital Archieve

Library Institutional Repository offers a wide range of valuable resources, including:

  • Remote Access to E-Resources: Access to academic eresources vailable through the libray domain.
  • Scholarly Publications: Access to academic articles, research papers, and publications authored by our faculty, showcasing their expertise and contributions to various fields.
  • Historical Documents: Digitized manuscripts, archives, and historical records, offering a glimpse into the rich history of our institution.
  • Audiovisual Resources: Multimedia content, such as recorded lectures, seminars, and presentations, enhancing the learning experience.
  • Past Question Papers: A comprehensive archive of previous examination papers, assisting students in their exam preparation and revision.
  • Institutional Reports: Reports, annual publications, and institutional documents, providing transparency and insights into the college's progress and initiatives.
  • Collaborative Projects: Research collaborations and interdisciplinary projects undertaken by our academic community, fostering innovation and knowledge exchange.
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Recent Submissions

Bhogawati Magzine : 1999-2000
(Bhogawati Mahavidyalaya, 2000) Magzine Committee
Bhogawati Magzine : 1998-99
(Bhogawati Mahavidyalaya, 1999) Magzine Committee
Bhogawati Magzine : 1993-94
(Bhogawati Mahavidyalaya, 1994) Magzine Committee
Bhogawati Magzine : 1992-93
(Bhogawati Mahavidyalaya, 1993) Magzine Committee
Bhogawati Magzine : 1991-92
(Bhogawati Mahavidyalaya, 1992) Magzine Committee